Warning: Candy Corn Sugar Reveal

Candy Corner

Earlier this month I asked my Facebook followers to tell me about their favorite Halloween candy. I was surprised by how many who listed candy corn as their favorite. I remember eating candy corn when I was a kid; it was usually in the candy dish in our living room. I would eat it color by color, first biting off the white end, then moving to the yellow top, and finally popping the orange middle in my mouth. I eventually graduated to the pumpkin cremes, of course biting off the mini green stem first before consuming the pumpkin itself. This definitely isn’t my favorite Halloween candy although it does hold significant nostalgic value and therefore it is near and dear to my heart. It basically reminds me of the days when the only thing I was worried about was making it home in time to catch Hey Dude on Nickelodeon. Bag

I did, however, want to do a fun (at least that’s what I call it) sugar shocker with a bag of “Autumn Mix” that I received in a care package. The bag is 12 oz and contains candy corn, the mini pumpkins, and the candy corn that has the chocolate top. It has 29 grams of sugar per serving (15 pieces) and there are approximately 8 servings in the bag. When doing the math I came up with 232 grams of sugar for the entire bag. Converting 232 grams into ounces is roughly 8 ounces of sugar which equals 1 cup. How’s that for a math challenge! Compare

The point of this post is not to torment you and it’s not to make you feel guilty about your favorite candy. What I want you to take away is this:

  • Don’t feel bad about a few pieces but I recommend you don’t eat an entire bag.
  • I advise against stocking up on the half-price Halloween candy come November 1.
  • Read nutrition labels and pay attention to serving size!
  • Read ingredient panels. I bet you can’t guess what the first ingredient for Autumn Mix is! Yeah right, it’s sugar!
  • Second ingredient is corn syrup.
  • Just because it says “made with real honey ” on the bag doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
  • If you do eat it, savor that last bite because you shouldn’t have one for about 360 more days!
  • If this isn’t a candy you truly enjoy, pass it up!Shocker