7th Inning Stretch Break!


Are you keeping a close eye on the World Series? Growing up, baseball was the sport our family most enjoyed watching. We had family in Kansas City and my grandma loved the Royals so from a young age I was prancing around in an over-sized Royals hat with the bikini I thought was a perfect match. little me

Our family got even more into baseball in the 90’s when my brother joined ranks as a professional umpire in the minor leagues. My family would often travel to watch him umpire games as our summer vacation. I must note that the family seating at the ballparks was quite good. We had great seats, usually behind home plate or along the third baseline. The only minor issue that came up with sitting in the reserved, aka family section is that everyone was especially relentless on the calls the umps were making. I usually kept quiet about who my favorite guy on the field was. I still love watching a good baseball game, especially with my brother. I must admit, I also really enjoy a heated argument so am bummed I wasn’t able to watch last night’s game with David. David

If you plan on watching baseball this week, use this time to also do some stretches! Back in July I posted a video for lower-body stretches and guess what, I can now touch my toes! Yes, it’s true! After years of trying I’ve worked really hard over the last few months with my daily stretching routine and now can just brush my toes without being warmed up and actually reach them once I am warmed up. This might be one of my greatest fitness achievements of all time and that’s no joke.

Here’s my latest video to compliment the last, but this one is for the upper body. So when the 7th inning stretch comes on, take five and give yourself a good stretch!

Don’t forget about this stretching video either!

Who are you hoping to see win the World Series? I’m rooting for the Cardinals even though it was my grandma’s least favorite team!