Make & Bake: Pumpkin Spice Biscuits


It’s time to get cooking with pumpkin! This time of year pumpkins are all around us from farmers’ markets to grocery stores to roadside stands. I recently stocked up on some decorative gourds and pumpkins as well as a few pie pumpkins. Last year I experimented with roasting pie pumpkins and was so successful in my endeavors that I’m probably done buying the canned stuff when I can just as easily make my own! Now I must add, to be successful in such an endeavor is so easy that if you need to boost your kitchen self-esteem, this is definitely a place to start. You really can’t go wrong. Just make sure you get a pie pumpkin, not a jack-o-lantern pumpkin. Usually sellers will identify pie pumpkins versus carving pumpkins. Pie pumpkins are much smaller. In the photo below, all three small pumpkins are pie pumpkins while the large one is the one I’ll be carving in a few weeks. PumpkinsBecause I enjoy pumpkin, between now and Thanksgiving I”ll be sharing some fun pumpkin recipes that I either make up or encounter on the web. I’ll admit, I don’t have much experience cooking with pumpkin beyond pies and bars so this is going to be fun! Today’s recipe is one I found from the Cooking Light website. It’s the first cold day in Iowa this fall and so I was in the mood for something a little more hearty than what I’ve been eating most of the summer. Soup and biscuits sounded like a perfect meal, and these biscuits made it extra special.

Since this is not an original recipe I’ll spare re-typing everything and just give you a quick list of ingredients needed and a link to the recipe.

Pumpkin Spice Biscuits (click here for the recipe)
Pumpkin Puree (click here for my how-to)
Buttermilk (sounds unhealthier than it is)
Flour (I used half whole wheat/half white)
Pumpkin Pie Spice

I’m excited to say that this is my first time making any kind of biscuit from scratch so that little biscuit cutter my mother gave me years ago was finally put to use! All in all I’d rate these as delicious and very do-able. I think any time you make breads, biscuits, rolls, etc. from scratch it is somewhat tedious but well worth the time and effort. Meal

While honey is used in the mix, I ended up drizzling more honey on the biscuits when they were fresh from the oven. That’s my only recommendation other than what the original recipe called for! What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe? Send any recipes you enjoy my way and maybe I’ll feature one on my website!