Garden Day!


It’s another beautiful day in Des Moines! When I made my first post back in February, I mentioned that it was one of the first snowstorms of the season and I encouraged people to get outside and play in the snow as an alternative to the treadmill. That was about the only storm we had this winter and in fact, the winter was so mild that spring sprung around March 1st. To top it all off, my lilacs are in full bloom, my hyacinths and mini daffodils are out of bloom, and it’s time to tackle the flower beds before the weeds get out of control. Oh wait, they already are out of control. 

Occasionally I get a bit lazy and can’t find motivation to rake, weed, or plant. I think I just gained some motivation after reading this article from Livestrong. Did you know that a person weighing approximately 155 pounds typically burns almost 300 calories an hour raking and planting? If you’re having more fun by digging in the dirt the number is closer to 350 per hour!

Remember, exercise isn’t limited to running, walking, going to a fitness center, or lifting weights! Gardening is also exercise and you can’t do it year round so take advantage of the opportunity while you can!