Hello, October!

Pumpkin Patch

Hello and Happy October! Each month I commit myself to a small wellness goal that I hope becomes a habit in the long-term. Over the years these goals have ranged from flossing more to listening to more Iowa Public Radio to stretching more. Just last month I committed to 10 minutes of daily meditation per my favorite magazine’s request. That Esquire sure knows what he’s talking about! Pitt

For many, meditating can have a quacky if not negative connotation, but for me it meant spending time in quiet, thinking positive thoughts and preparing for the day or maybe even reflecting on things going on in my life. I’ve never been one to meditate and I wasn’t too sure how much I’d enjoy it but over the month I found that I really looked forward to either starting my day or ending my day with 10 minutes of uninterrupted quietness. Because I have a hard time sitting still I usually also did some stretching during this time. I think both my flexibility and attitude improved each day I spent meditating!

Now for October: I’ve been one busy gal in recent weeks with the start of the semester at both Drake and Grand View. One of my favorite hobbies is reading and this year reading has taken a back seat to other things going on in my life. I foresee this month slowing down a bit and I’m taking a mini vacation so want to spend more time reading. My goal is to read every day for at least 30 minutes. Books

If you’re thinking of setting a wellness goal, I encourage you to make it an active and positive oriented goal. My goal for October could have been: give up 30 minutes of social media time each day. True, I’m probably going to be trading in 30 minutes of iPhone browsing for reading a book but instead of thinking of something I can’t do, I’m thinking of something I can do – read more! Another example of a goal you can set that is oriented towards doing something instead of taking something away would be: I will cook dinner every night this month. The alternative would be: I’m not going to eat out for one month. See how each goal accomplishes the same thing but one is more positive than the other?

One other thing to remember is to set a realistic goal! I know there will be many days this month when I will read for more than 30 minutes but I know there will also be a handful of days where making time for this goal will be difficult. I hope to read about four books by the end of October. Look for how I did in Hello, November! Reading

What is your goal for this month? Think outside of just the physical dimension of wellness!.