Millions of Peaches (Peaches for Me)


Any millennials get sentimental when you hear the song Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America? That song brings me back to junior high in a flash and of course inspired the title for this peach-cobbler post! I’ve been getting peaches almost every weekend at the local farmers’ markets and while my favorite way to eat peaches is over the sink, I thought it would be a shame not to make a peach cobbler this summer.

I’ll be real honest, I enjoy baking. I went a little crazy earlier in the summer with rhubarb so by the time August rolled around I decided to take the month off from all things calling for lots of butter and sugar. When I was looking around the web for a peach cobbler recipe I was having a hard time finding something healthy-ish but then found this recipe from Savory Simple!

What I liked most about Jen’s recipe is that is only called for a total of 4 T of butter and just 3 T of brown sugar and 2 T of white sugar. Many other recipes I found called for one cup of sugar which is a lot! My whole reason for doing a no-bake August was to cut back on all that excess sugar I was using to sweeten up rhubarb-anything so this recipe was a perfect fit for me!

I did change a few things on her recipe and it seemed to work well. Instead of all-purpose flour I used whole wheat and instead of whole milk I used Silk, Pure Coconut milk. Mine ended up with more of a crumble topping as opposed to a crust. You will notice that this isn’t a very sweet cobbler but the flavor of the peaches is quite delicious! IMG_1405

Where do you go for healthier dessert recipes?