Workout: Push It Up (Real Good)


The title for my latest mini workout is of course inspired by one of my favorite groups when I was in junior high: Salt-n-Pepa. Their song Push It was pretty fun back in the day and is still great fun to play when I’m working out. Of course since this workout is called “Push It Up (Real Good)” it is a push-up video!

If you have followed most of my videos or have been to any of my fitness classes you know that push-ups are hands-down my favorite exercise. They work the entire body – glutes, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, plus the abs and low-back muscles. When I was training to be a fitness instructor back at college we were told that we had to do five more push-ups than our instructor trainer, Dana in order to pass the course. I wasn’t worried until she told us that last she checked, she could do 45 push-ups, pregnant. I figured I better be able to bust out at least 50 push-ups without stopping so started doing these every night in my dorm room. I kept a little note on my vanity mirror so I would see it each night when I was brushing my teeth. I still remember that when I started I was only able to do 15 push-ups without stopping. Over the course of the semester I built my strength and endurance up to 50+ push-ups! At one point in college I won a fitness instructor push-up competition by doing 70 without quitting!

Never fear, you won’t be doing 70 push-ups in this video but it is a new twist on my favorite workout! Ready, set, go!