Goodbye Winter (Hello Spring Workouts)


If you live in the Midwest it still feels like winter because it refuses to stop snowing. This is further proof that groundhogs can’t be trusted. So much for that early spring, Phil! When the season finally does change, it will be a good time to do some spring cleaning, but I’m not talking about windows, carpets, and cupboards. I’m talking about revamping your workout for the warmer weather that has to be in our near future (I’im keeping my fingers crossed)! Here are five easy things you should do to spring clean your workout routine!

1. Check your shoes. Is it time to replace? Most people hang on to fitness shoes too long. Ideally you should replace after 500 miles. If you’re not a runner or you are but don’t keep track of your miles, you should replace after about six months if you average 3-5 miles per day. If you use your shoes for group exercise or walking, use the six-month guideline as well.Shoes

2. Take your workout outdoors. I know many of my readers are from Iowa and other parts of the Midwest and we haven’t been so fortunate this winter in regards to outdoor exercise opportunities. It might be time to say goodbye to the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or even some of those group exercise classes you’ve been attending all winter long. Say hello to any outdoor activities you can possibly think of: rollerblading, biking, running trails, walking in the park, spring and summer recreation leagues, taking your kids to the park and running around with them, etc.

3. Replenish your sunscreen. This is important year-round but I know many people who don’t think of sunscreen until they hit the pool come June or July. If you are going to be increasing your time outdoors, and I really hope you consider outdoor workouts, you need to be wearing sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

4. Find an organized event and start training. It was about this time three years ago that I trained for Dam 2 Dam, one of Des Moines’ most popular fun runs. Sometimes it can be tough to transition from season to season and having something to train for might be the jump start you need. Dam to Dam 1

5. Get a new workout outfit to go with your new shoes. Ok, this isn’t necessary and is probably something more women than men are motivated by but I think anytime you have suffered through five months of indoor workouts you deserve a new workout top and shorts. I also find that I get excited to wear something new and therefore am more motivated to complete my workout.

What are you going to do to revamp your workout come spring? Leave a comment below to share with my readers!