Girl Scout Cookie Workout!

Girl Scout Cookie Workout

I was once a proud member of Brownie Troop 22 in Lansing, Iowa. Every other Monday, my friend Meghan’s mom Marie would greet us as we hopped off the school bus. Six or seven of us would pile into her blue Volkswagen Rabbit (if I recall correctly) and head over to FitzGerald’s Inn, the local B&B that overlooked the Mississippi River. I remember these arts and crafts sessions fondly and usually went home with a Kool-Aid mustache and a tummy full of Marie’s home-baked snacks. Scan 11

While most of my memories in Brownies are very positive, I do have one  to share that has was so embarrassing it has forever left an indelible impression. I was about seven years old and we had day camp at Mt. Hosmer. My friend Amy, who was in high school at the time, was our group leader and taught us this fun hand clap song. It went something like this: we found a partner and then sat down across from each other and proceeded to clap hands and sing some Girl Scout song. I couldn’t for the life of me get on rhythm or memorize the pattern or which way my hands should be moving and needed a last minute intervention from Amy before our big performance in front of our parents. Amy was kind enough to be my partner (I’m guessing no one else volunteered) and just sat there with her hands out, not moving, while I faked it until I made it through the performance. How in the world I ended up a group exercise instructor, especially a step instructor, is beyond me. Rhythm, patterns, coordination? Scan 12

Moving on now, as you might have noticed, it is Girl Scout cookie season! One food rule I live by is to never purchase commercial cookies. One exception to that rule is Thin Mints and Samoas. I will get a box or two of those each year to support someone’s cute kid and a good organization. Here’s a fun workout challenge in case you’ve been bitten by the GS cookie bug in recent weeks. You can thank me now for making these challenges per box instead of per cookie. Girl Scout Cookie Workout

Make sure to tell me what your workout looks like based on this challenge!