Not So Manic Monday


Did you have a case of the Mondays today? Overall my day went really well but a couple of weeks ago it was another story. The Monday morning after the Oscars I dropped my Crock Pot on the kitchen floor. Yes, it was full of food and yes it was a mess. As I was cleaning the glass, ceramic, and food off the floor I got my hand stuck in a mouse trap. Yes, it was a snap trap and yes it hurt. Oh, and yes, I said a few bad words. Anyway, I have a pretty solid routine that I follow on Sunday nights that make my Mondays a lot easier, even on days when I drop my crock pot and get my hand stuck in a mouse trap.

Meal Planning:
I don’t know how this started but several months ago I got into a routine of always having a salad for lunch on Mondays. Here’s my trick: I keep a lot of healthy toppings at home and go to the Gateway Market salad bar for my greens. This is really inexpensive, as in it costs less than 50 cents, and I never waste food. I like salads but not enough to go through a whole bag of greens in due time. Getting my greens from Gateway and adding my own toppings at home makes for a healthy lunch to start my work week. Now that I’ve started this tradition it’s nice to never worry about what’s for lunch on Mondays. Salad

Speaking of meals, many times I make Crock Pot Oatmeal on Sunday nights so I have breakfast planned for the first part of the week. Of course this didn’t pan out the morning I dropped my Crock-Pot but let’s hope that was a one-time only glitch.Oatmeal

Another thing I do on Sunday nights is boil eggs. I really like eggs as both a salad topper and snack so keeping a half dozen or so available means I have some healthy options for the week. I get most of my eggs from these ladies; aren’t they pretty? Hens

I generally take Sundays off from exercise since I’m so active with my job during the workweek. I’m usually ready for a workout on Mondays so I make sure I have my bag packed and ready to go. One thing I always put in my bag on Sunday nights is my water bottle. In the past I would often times forget my water bottle on Mondays and therefore wouldn’t drink enough water. Packing my lunch, water bottle, and group exercise outfit and shoes the night before saves me a lot of time and reduces stress.Bag

News Junkie:
Lastly, I’m always feeling behind on current events. Even though I read a variety of magazines and follow online newspapers there’s always something I seem to miss. When I’m getting ready in the morning or on my commute to work you better believe I’m listening to Iowa Public Radio! Since I value intellectual well-being just as much as the other dimensions this certainly counts as a way to stay well in my book. And yes, sometimes StoryCorps makes me shed a tear.

Do you have any go-to rituals that help keep you organized from day to day or week to week? Please share!