5 ways to Kick a Cold (In Photos)


Have you been healthy this winter? Last Tuesday I came down with a cold. It’s pretty common for me to get the sniffles at least once a year so I wasn’t taken aback by this. What I was surprised by, however, was how quickly it moved through my system. Here are five things I did to kick my cold.

Vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables! Once I started feeling a little funny I headed to my favorite lunch spot, La Mie, and got a big bowl of vegetable soup. I usually eat quite a few vegetables each day but I knew I needed to get extra nutrients and this seemed to do the trick.IMG_0267Rooibos, rooibos, and more rooibos! A member of the legume family, rooibos can be steeped and sipped the same way as tea leaves. I purchased some last fall from a lady named Johanna when I was in Viroqua. I’m always excited to meet someone with my name, and was especially pleased that she pronounced it the same as me (rhymes with banana). Anyway, I mix it with spearmint leaf (1 T of rooibos and 1 T of spearmint) and honey to make a warm, tasty beverage. Speaking of honey, it’s been years since I took cough medicine. If my throat is dry or scratchy, I just take a tablespoon of honey and it makes me feel much better. Getting back to rooibos, they have high levels of antioxidants and are caffeine free. This is traditionally used in South Africa to alleviate allergies and colic. I’d say it certainly helped alleviate my cold! RooibosA little wheatgrass: If you recall, I had my first shot of wheatgrass just a couple months ago. On Friday after work I stopped to get some groceries at Gateway and the wheatgrass caught my eye. Like I mentioned in my post from January, the health benefits of wheatgrass are largely up in the air but I knew it couldn’t hurt. I took a shot and I’m not sure if it was just timing or the wheatgrass but my sore throat was gone by Saturday! Wheatgrass 3R & R: I backed out of a few social commitments and stayed home to rest. This can be really hard for me but I knew that meeting friends after work wouldn’t get me on the road to recovery. Instead, I caught up on reading and sleep. I also really enjoy epsom salt baths when I’m feeling under the weather. Of course I won’t post a photo of that but I will post a photo of me being silly on the day we bought our house in 2005. Yes, it’s a mini claw-foot but it works!Tub TimesPlenty of Water: Staying well hydrated is important every day but when I’m sick I make sure I’m really hydrated to flush all the toxins out of my system. Sometimes I make my water more interesting by adding fresh fruit to an ice cube tray. WaterDo you have any special remedies for when you’re under the weather? Here’s to a quick end to winter and flu and cold season!

  • http://www.facebook.com/freddietrunkel Frederica Trunkel

    I took Echinacea capsules 3 times a day and avoided the cold and flu entirely.Of course I also eat alot of veggies and fruit daily and drink lots of water.

    • HelloWellness

      Glad you are staying healthy, mom! I’m glad you introduced me to veggies from a young age too. Thanks for making me eat them!