Sleep the Clock Around


As a wellness professional I talk to a lot of people about achieving a balanced lifestyle. Most people schedule appointments with the intent to eat healthier or start exercising. Hardly anyone comes in looking to get more sleep; however most people leave with that assignment. When you are sleep deprived your metabolism and hormones typically fluctuate which can lead to increased appetite and overeating. One study even found that sleep deprivation increased cravings for carbohydrates by 45%!

Here’s my advice: set a bedtime and stick to it most days of the week. When you were little you took naps and had a bedtime. If you got off schedule it was apparent to those around you. As an adult you’re no different. While you might not fall asleep at the dinner table like my little nephew did a few years back, important things like healthy eating, studies, and exercise will most likely take a hit when your body is exhausted.