Have a Heart Workout!

Valentine's Day!

Hello and happy Valentine’s Day! If you’ve been following along all week you know that instead of talking about chocolate, and romance, and all the typical sappy stuff that comes along with this holiday, I’ve been dedicating posts to heart health. I couldn’t help but create a little workout that will get your heart racing for just a few minutes today. Remember, if you can’t do high impact exercises, please go for a walk! Walking is great for the heart as well!Valentine's Day!Make sure you’re doing the designated number per side of the body! If you have questions about the exercises, you can simply Google the term and I guarantee you’ll get a picture of what they are. Otherwise, here’s my simple breakdown:

Jumping Jacks: You know what these are!
High Knees: Run in Place with knees lifting up. Remember, 40x per leg!
Mountain Climbers & Floor Jacks: My Stairway to Fitness video at 5:12 minute mark.
Speed Skaters: My Burn Baby Burn video at the beginning.
Burpees: Google it and thank me later for only making you do five!