He Said, She Said Weight Loss Success!


My friends from college, Joe and Alison (forever Joey in my heart but he’s all grown up now), are currently making some big lifestyle changes and seeing some fantastic results! I thought it would be nice to feature their wellness story since it’s quite inspiring and I guarantee somewhat helpful to those trying to lose weight!

Oh and before we get started, Joe and Alison are married. I like to take partial credit for this as I kind of planted the bug in Alison’s ear one day as I was vacuuming shredded lettuce off the floor at the 23rd St. Market where the three of us were sandwich artists in college. In return, they had their daughter on my birthday. It’s a pretty fair trade off I suppose.

So you’ve both recently lost a lot of weight. What were your biggest motivators?
Alison: I have lost 50 pounds since my pregnancy with my youngest child about 19 months ago and since August, I have lost 27.5 pounds. My biggest motivator is my family, especially my two daughters. I want to be able to be active with them as well as be healthy and around to watch them grow up to be wonderful women.

Joe: I have lost 75 pounds since starting at the same time as Alison and since July I have lost 40 of those 75 pounds. I have had high blood pressure since early college years and just last month was able to stop taking blood pressure medication for the first time in over 10 years!

What has been the biggest lifestyle change(s) contributing to such good results?
Alison: The biggest lifestyle change has been the change in my diet. I started going to Weight Watchers meetings in August. Now I have someone to be accountable to other than my husband (because that didn’t always work previously).

Joe: Keeping track of my food intake has been the biggest change. The more closely we follow our Weight Watchers points the better we do. We also have eaten out much less. It is once a week or less as opposed to 3 or 4 times.

What has become easier for you to do on a daily basis since you’ve lost weight?
Alison: I am able to walk faster and longer as well as climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. I am looking forward to playing outside with my girls and swimming laps this summer!

Joe: I don’t get winded easily, breath heavily, or have small pains in my head or chest anymore.

What  hurdles do you encounter as you try to maintain or lose more weight?
Alison: I know what I should eat, but sometimes I want things that I know I shouldn’t have. A lot of the time, I am able to curb those desires. If I don’t feel like I can avoid it, I have it but I make sure I track it and use correct portion control.

Joe: With me it is more about portions than anything else. My biggest issue is having meals with other people because I was always the guy who was expected to finish the last helping. Now I have to always insist that I’m full even if I’m not to make sure I don’t over eat.

What advice do you have for someone looking to lose weight?
Alison: Find a program that works for you without too many restrictions. If a program doesn’t allow you to have things you want, it isn’t going to be successful for you. Be willing to try new things both physically and diet-wise. Make sure you have a support system and don’t give up.

Joe: The key is to indulge just a little bit to subside a few cravings. Don’t always give in to cravings, but just enough to keep you from going crazy.

Bravo to Joe and Alison for being great friends and also taking the time to make healthier choices for not just themselves but their two kids! Check out their awesome before and after photos! 

Have you recently lost weight? If so, how have you done it? I’d love to hear more success stories!