Tone It Up: Most Effective Tricep Exercises!


What’s the one muscle or muscle group that you dread working each time you hit the weights? For me, it’s definitely the triceps. No matter how much strength I gain, tricep dips and presses and extensions never seem to get easier or more enjoyable. It is, however, one spot I want to keep toned so I do them relentlessly week in and week out.

According to the American Council on Exercise, there are three exercises that are most effective for the triceps: kick-backs, dips, and tricep push-ups. All you need for this video is a stable chair and a dumbbell. I recommend going through each exercise three times or until you feel fatigued. You can follow this new video up with one of my older ones that also gives you a great upper body burn!

What is the one body part or muscle that you dread working each week?