The Odd Couple: Wheatgrass & Knitting

Wheatgrass 3

If you know me well, you know I’m always game for a new adventure. While some of my recent adventures have been quite a big deal, like visiting Croatia, I also consider the smaller but exciting things in life adventures as well. This past week I had two adventures on my checklist: trying my fingers at knitting and my digestive system on wheatgrass. It’s a strange combination, I know.

I don’t have much to say about knitting other than the fact I hope I get better with time. Right now it feels like the first time I ate with chopsticks. Now that I think about it, I have never really gotten good at eating with chopsticks. Maybe there is no hope for my future scarf. As for the wheatgrass shot, it wasn’t too bad! I walked down to one of my favorite neighborhood haunts, the Gateway Market, and was greeted by a guy named Brian from Kalona. Brian grows wheatgrass and happened to be in the store offering free samples of a blend of wheatgrass, pineapple, and banana juice. I ended up trying this first and of course it passed with flying colors because the banana overpowered the other flavors. Do note that my general expression in this photo is quite different from the one down the page! 

After downing my first pseudo wheatgrass shot I decided that I must try traditional wheatgrass. Here’s a photo of the wheatgrass as it’s being pressed (if that’s even the right term) and turned into juice. The aroma was quite grassy if I must say so myself! I suppose that’s not a bad smell to encounter in the dead of winter. 

I really had no expectations as to how this would taste or whether or not I’d enjoy it. Overall it wasn’t that bad and I’d be happy to do it again. As for the side effects, I had none. Some people cite nausea or a burst of energy but I can’t say I had either. Here I am taking my first shot! As you can tell, my expression isn’t quite the same as the one I had downing the fruity wheatgrass above!

It’s hard to find unbiased articles online regarding wheatgrass and from what I can tell, there haven’t been enough studies to prove the many touted benefits. Proponents of wheatgrass claim it can help oxygenate the blood since it is full of chlorophyll. I have also read that it can help detox the body, increase blood alkalinity, and aid with digestion.

I really don’t have an opinion as to how beneficial my shot of wheatgrass was. Because it’s something that is natural, I doubt it’s very harmful. As I was perusing the web learning all about wheatgrass, one benefit I didn’t encounter was “aids with knitting abilities.” If only wheatgrass could help keep my stitch count the same row after row. 

Have you tried wheatgrass shot? What about powders or pills? I am interested to know your experience and/or opinion so do tell!

  • Brianne

    Looks like you succeeded in your quest to consume wheatgrass! Hooray! Also, you look somewhat angelic (of like you were crossing over to the other side) in the library photo you posted on Facebook!

  • Johanna

    While it was tempting, I didn’t go towards the light! Yes, the wheatgrass was interesting. Something tells me your dinner at Cafe di Scala was much, much tastier however.