Greek Life


Raise your hand if you enjoy Greek yogurt! If you didn’t raise your hand, don’t turn away just yet. For many, Greek yogurt is an acquired taste and sometimes the flavor or brand make or break whether your taste buds vote yea or nay.

In case you haven’t heard, Greek yogurt contains more protein and less sugar than regular yogurt which is one reason people have jumped on the bandwagon. You have to be careful though as some Greek yogurts containing fruit or enhanced flavors have just as much sugar and so the added benefits of going Greek disappear quickly. Here’s my advice: forego the sweet stuff and try plain (yes, plain, not vanilla!) Greek yogurt. Here are my three favorite ways to eat the plain stuff:

Add my own fresh fruit! What is in season largely determines what I add to my yogurt. In the summer I do a lot of berries but recently I’ve been adding pomegranate seeds and coconut flakes. Did you know that you select pomegranates not by color but by weight? Heavier pomegranates signify juicier and fuller flavored seeds. 

Peanut butter, honey, and pretzels! This is actually my favorite way to eat Greek yogurt. I’ve never loved pretzels but since they’re a healthier snack option I usually have some at home. One day I added a little honey and peanut butter to my Greek yogurt and then decided why not use it as a dip for my pretzels. The salty and sweet combo is my favorite! 

Chocolate chips! I know you’re rolling your eyes, or will be once you read this paragraph, but when I crave something like ice cream I usually just eat Greek yogurt with a sprinkling of chocolate chips. I swear, it satisfies me just as much as a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream which unfortunately is not a staple in my freezer (I wish but it would spell disaster) whereas Greek yogurt and chocolate chips are almost always on hand. So if you haven’t tried Greek yogurt or you have but you just didn’t favor the taste or texture, give it another try with one of my three favorite add-ins. What is your favorite type of yogurt? Do you like Greek or regular?