Snow Day Workout in 10 Minutes or Less! (Day 12)

Hypercolor Pants!

Are you snowed in? If you live in Iowa, the answer is probably yes. Hopefully you are staying warm and doing something fun like reading a book or playing in the snow. I shoveled snow today which I think suffices as my cardio AND strength workout. It might have been the heaviest snow ever!

On the 12th and final day of fitness, Hello Wellness gives you: A workout to keep you active on the snowiest of days in recent years! This includes three videos – one new and two blasts from the past!

 Cardio challenge: 
10 mountain climbers
10 Burpees
10 Jumping Jacks
Repeat 3 times

Strength Challenge:
20 push-ups for the 20th of December!

Pilates Challenge: My latest video for your glutes, hips, and obliques! You might be wondering whether or not I’m wearing Hypercolor leggings. The answer is no, they’re just reversible and hot pink on the other side. I get a lot of questions about these. BTW: my students at Drake (90’s babies) don’t know about Hypercolor shirts! Can you believe it?

Ab Challenge: This video was posted several months ago but it’s a great core workout! The 100 crunch series!

Low-Back Challenge: My favorite exercise series for the low-back is the Alphabet Arm and Leg Series

Well friends, that wraps up the 12 days of Fitness. I hope you learned at least one thing about staying well and fit during the last 12 days. It’s been fun and I’ll continue to post as the year comes to an end!