Maintain, Don’t Gain Part 2 (Day 11)


As I mentioned yesterday in part one of the “Maintain, Don’t Gain” post, there are a variety of ways to stay on the healthy track the last two weeks of the month. In addition to not stressing out over the number on the scale, make sure to stick to a healthy eating and exercise routine.

On the 11th day of fitness, Hello Wellness gave to me: More easy ideas to implement to keep you healthy and your weight under control for the rest of the year!

  • While it’s always important to start your day with a healthy breakfast, it is especially important to do so on days when you’re tempted or likely to overeat. Having a healthy breakfast will keep you fuller throughout the day and you’ll probably end up eating far less than you would on an empty stomach. Two of my favorite breakfasts include crock pot oatmeal and pear frittata with feta and honey. Both would be fun and healthy meals to start Christmas morning!

  • I’ve been putting off baking treats until I really need to which will ensure I don’t have a lot of empty calories hanging out in my kitchen calling my name! If you are hosting, don’t set sweet treats out until after the meal has been served. If you are at a party, try to hold off on sweets until you’ve had a serving or two of fruits and vegetables.
  • Alternate calorie laden beverages (eggnog anyone?) with water. One of the first signs of dehydration is actually hunger. Before you grab another handful of snacks or go for a second helping, have a glass of water to see if you’re truly hungry.
  • Try to maintain your regular sleep schedule. When we are sleep deprived, some hormones aren’t able to regulate feelings of satiety so we end up eating more than we need to. Also, our bodies typically aren’t used to digesting food late into the evening to the early morning hours so it becomes more difficult to regulate metabolism.
  • Move a little and expend a lot! If you’re in Iowa, we’re in for a blizzard today which means we might just get a white Christmas. Sledding, ice skating, building a snowman and other fun outdoor activities will help you stay active and burn off some of those sugar cookies! Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas memories with my nephew. Even though we didn’t have much snow, we tried our best to go sledding and a few years later, I tried my best to play catch with the football in the backyard!

Do you have any fun traditions this time of year that involve food or adventures?